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Address head officeIwamoto-cho Toyo Building,
3-1-2 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
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Established Feb 19, 1986
Capital JPY 100,000,000
Business Domain Solution Consulting
Application Development
Information System Infrastructure Deployment
Communication Network Service
Obtained Certification Privacy Mark 10820441(09)
General Worker Dispatch Business 13-305724
ISO/IEC27001 JP14/080300
Main Client Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd. The Japan Research Institute, Limited Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co., Ltd. Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION MIRAIT Corporation NTT Bizlink, Inc. NTT ComTechnology Corporation NTT DATA Corporation NTT Comware Corporation Canon Software, Inc. JFE Systems, Inc.
TIS Inc. Etc.
Main Financing Bank Mizuho Bank, Kanda Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Kanda Branch
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Akihabara Ekimae Branch
Resona Bank, Akihabara Branch

Consulting Solution:
Financial Industry


Financial institutions facing transitions of regimes due to globalization, regulation and competitive environments
Financial institutions to grow, overcoming such management challenges in a flexible and timely manner

COSMEDIA's Advantages

Various domestic clients spreading over among major financial institutions including mega banks
Experiences in system infrastructure of financial market business that requires domain expertise and latest information technology
Contribution to expansion of the clients’ business in profitable area by delivering competitive value proposition, leveraging financial business knowledge and financial engineering
Advanced technology solution such as grid computing to address clients’ needs for high volume transaction and/or highly structured products
End-to-end consulting solution ranging from current-state analysis through to system design and implementation including standardized project management
Business Application Development

Business Application

COSMEDIA’s Advantages

More than 10 years’ experiences of systems development for financial institutions including major banks and credit card companies Coherent services covering initial investigation, system planning, design, build and testing in system development for financial institutions
Implementation projects of in-house build or vendor software

Financial Market Business System

Implementation of cross-asset systems covering credit and market risk management for front, middle and back offices
Derivatives and treasury business systems managing transactions, settlement and revaluation of IRS, CCS, capfloor, swaption, FX options, option embedded deposit, money market and forex
Proposal of IT solutions enabling deployment of strategic architecture and best-of-breed components aligned with clients’ business strategies and models

Credit Card Business System

Strengths in developing core credit card business systems including affiliate company settlement in acquirer business and membership / credit management in insurer business for subsidiary card companies of banks and airline companies

Response to various business needs such as regulatory changes, credit policy changes and system consolidation / leverage among different companies

Life Insurance Business System

System development contributing to enhancement of clients' competitive advantages with latest information technology leveraging business knowledge on insurance products and insurance contract management

Development and maintenance of integrated insurance contract and policy management systems in wholesale and retail business domain of life insurance industry, engaged in requirement gathering, implementation, deployment and maintenance

System consolidation projects by merger of major insurance companies


COSMEDIA's Advantages

Service delivery capabilities throughout the entire system lifecycle from system planning, design and implementation to maintenance

Value added proposal for reduction of TCO, streamlining systems operations, improvement of security level and so on as per clients’ requirements

Product vendor independent company ensuring delivery of benefits to clients, taking adaptability to their current business, functionality, security and cost into consideration from their position


Server Construction: initial installation of OS (multi platforms such as Windows, Unix and Linux), installation and configurations of application software, Kitting, domain construction, consulting in site design, security configuration, virtualization bringing TCO reduction and efficient systems operation

Database Construction: construction support, database migration, database tuning etc. leading to improvement of security and performance

Systems Operation / Monitoring: construction of unified systems monitoring tool such like JP1, Tivoli and SystemWalker leading to stabilization and rationalization of clients’ systems

Systems Security: ID management, log management, audit record, access permission control, user authentication, quarantine, virus control, information leakage countermeasure etc. resulting in secured environment